Instill “Rapid-Response Customer Service”

To start a new business in Texas, business owners have to contact three government offices to open their doors.

  • First, they have to call either their county clerk’s office or the Secretary of State to register or incorporate their business.
  • Second, they have to get a federal tax ID number from the IRS.
  • Third, they have to contact the Comptroller’s office to obtain a franchise tax permit and, if needed, a sales tax permit.

Throughout my years in state government, serving in the Texas House, I can tell you that every agency can do a better job of customer service, including the Comptroller’s office. If poor customer service ever causes one less entrepreneur to open his or her doors, then shame on us. If elected, I would institute a rapid-response customer service policy. If an entrepreneur called the Comptroller’s office, and he or she didn’t get timely service, then I will want to know about it. The Comptroller’s office should become the most responsive agency in state government. Texas cannot become the world’s epicenter for entrepreneurship with anyone at the Comptroller’s office hiding behind voice mail. The Comptrollers’ office can inadvertently choke down business activity in the state. There are two entities that can bring in law enforcement to shut a business down: the IRS working with U.S. Marshalls and the Comptroller’s office working with the DPS. This is the power of the office we’re talking about. Would any of you want Eric Holder to be the Texas Comptroller?