Performance Pledge for the People of Texas


Instill “Rapid-Response Customer Service”

To start a new business in Texas, business owners have to contact three government offices to open their doors. First, they have to call either their county clerk’s office or the Secretary of State to register or incorporate their business. Second, they have to get a federal tax ID number from the IRS. Third, they […]

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Interest-Rate Parity

Whenever there is a tax dispute between the Comptroller’s office and an individual or a business, it can go one of two ways: either the taxpayer (or business) has to pay more money to the state, or the state loses the case and has to issue a refund to the taxpayer (or business). When the […]

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Protect our state from the IRS

As the chief tax official, the Texas Comptroller office has a relationship with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Comptroller’s office should continue that relationship as part of its duty as the state’s taxing authority. However, given recent revelations regarding the IRS harassment of conservative non-profit organizations and activists and donors, the Comptroller should make […]

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Taxpayer Bill of Rights

As Texans, we have a long heritage of fighting for our rights and standing up to whatever powers would seek to deprive us of our freedoms. From our right to keep and bear arms to our rights to pass laws as a state, constitutional liberties are what enable us to live freely in Texas. Today […]

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Conduct more Performance Reviews

The Texas Comptroller’s office was once the lead agency for studying state government and recommending reforms to reduce waste, fraud, abuse and duplication in state spending. The Legislature statutorily took away that function from the Comptroller’s office and gave it to the Legislative Budget Board (LBB in 2003). It’s time for the Comptroller to seek […]

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Protect Texans’ Personal Data

House Ways and Means chairman Harvey Hilderbran (R-Kerrville), a conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller, today pledged to the citizens of Texas that if he is elected he will protect the sensitive, personal data held by the office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts.  This pledge is the sixth item in Hilderbran’s ten-point Performance Pledge […]

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Continue and Expand Transparency Initiative

Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran today pledged to continue and expand on the transparency initiative started by outgoing Comptroller Susan Combs to maintain the state’s efforts in providing current spending and debt information to Texans. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” said Hilderbran.  “I think the transparency initiative started by Comptroller Combs is […]

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Improve Revenue Estimates

Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran today pledged to improve revenue estimates when he is elected.  This proposal is the eighth item in the ten-point Performance Pledge to the voters. “One of the most important statutory duties of the Comptroller’s office is to provide the Governor and the Legislature accurate revenue estimates for […]

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Create ‘Taxpayer Advocate’ Office

Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran today released the ninth item on his Performance Pledge to the voters: the creation of a “Taxpayer Advocate” office, to help ensure that under Hilderbran the Comptroller’s office performs better than ever before. Hilderbran will also look for regular feedback from the Taxpayer Advisory Council, which currently […]

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Thorough Review During Transition

Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran today released his tenth performance pledge item: complete a quick, thorough top-to-bottom review of the Comptroller’s office in its personnel, programs, functions, budget and plans, to be completed and delivered to him by his transition team before his swearing in takes place. “I am fortunate to have […]

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