Hilderbran Pledges Thorough Review during Transition

February 21, 2014

10th Pledge Item: Hilderbran Promises Complete Office Review Before Swearing In

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran today released his tenth performance pledge item: complete a quick, thorough top-to-bottom review of the Comptroller’s office in its personnel, programs, functions, budget and plans, to be completed and delivered to him by his transition team before his swearing in takes place.

“I am fortunate to have a range of experts with whom I have worked with as House Ways and Means chairman, and if I am elected Comptroller, I will call them into service to complete a thorough review of the office before I am sworn in,” said Hilderbran.  “The Comptroller’s office needs new leadership and a fresh approach.  The work will begin immediately after the election.  We will hit the ground running on day one.”

Hilderbran will bring in former officials in the Comptroller’s office, former Ways and Means staff, private sector leaders, economists, academic leaders and current and former legislative leaders to complete the thorough review.

“I don’t need on the job training,” said Hilderbran.  “I have been studying the Comptroller’s office for four terms as a House Ways and Means committee member, with specific oversight responsibilities for the last three years as chairman.  On day one, we will immediately begin to implement my ten-point Performance Pledge, to improve the Comptroller’s office to benefit taxpayers and help continue to grow the Texas economy.”

More information about Harvey’s Performance Pledge to the voters, including his pledge to improve revenue estimates, and his comprehensive Texas Taxpayers Bill of Rights may be found online at: http://www.HarveyForTexas.com.