Republican state comptroller candidate, Harvey Hilderbran, makes campaign stop in Marshall

February 18, 2014

From The Marshall News Messenger:

By Austin King

Republican state comptroller candidate Harvey Hilderbran stopped by Marshall Monday as a part of his campaign across the state.

Hilderbran elected to run for the position last year following Susan Combs, Texas’ current comptroller, announcement that she would not seek reelection.

Hilderbran is squaring off against fiellow Republican candidates Glenn Hegar, Debra Medina and Raul Torres. Additionally, Democrat Mike Collier is pursuing the position as well.

As a candidate, Hiderbran’s platform primarily focuses on his plan for the comptroller position and a pledge he has given to follow on his campaign’s website for improvements in the state-level office.

“The bottom line is, if you’re running for office, you ought to have a plan,” Hilderbran said. “I have a view for the office, I’m passionate about it.

“I believe we can do better. I believe we have to have a plan. I believe we have to propel this agency to where it was before, the best in government.”

The Texas comptroller is responsible for collecting tax revenue owed to the state as well as acts as the state’s treasurer in certifying the annual revenue estimates, provides fiscal reports and gives economic forecasts for the state.

“It is the treasurer and tax collector,” Hilderbran said. “The comptroller makes sure the budget is balanced and gives estimates based on the economy.”

Hilderbran hopes to offer the state more accurate budget forecasts should he be elected to the position.

“We’ve had budgets estimated then after 30 to 40 days they’ll find they’re out of the budget based on the initial forecasts and estimates,” he said. “It’s something you have to be accurate on. We can do better.”

When it comes to experience, Hilderbran has several years of work under his belt. He was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1988 was most recently reelected in 2012. He has served as chair for the House of Ways and Means Committee for the two most recent legislative sessions. Hilderbran has been involved in the real estate, ranching, advertising and business management and marketing industries.

“I believe my experience in both the public and private sectors will help me accomplish my goals,” Hilderbran said.

Born in Uvalde, Hilderbran graduated from Texas Tech in 1983. He now resides in Kerrville with his wife, Tracy and their two daughters.

For more information on Hilderbran and his campaign, visit his website at