Hilderbran to Continue, Expand Transparency Initiative

January 24, 2014

7th Performance Pledge Item will Provide Spending, Debt Information to Texans

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran today pledged to continue and expand on the transparency initiative started by outgoing Comptroller Susan Combs to maintain the state’s efforts in providing current spending and debt information to Texans.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” said Hilderbran.  “I think the transparency initiative started by Comptroller Combs is a good one and I will continue and expand it.”

With TexasTransparency.org, state spending is tracked and easily accessible by citizens, including payments to vendors, spending by agency, spending by purchase code and travel expenses.  Spending data may be sorted by county, object or function and even confidential expenditures are accessible.  Spending is available by for cities, counties, public education and special purpose districts.

“It is nearly impossible for Texans to hold state government accountable without transparency,” said Hilderbran.

Most importantly, Comptroller Combs has rightly placed a focus on debt, for the state level and at the city and county level.  The website summarizes current state debt, with helpful explanations for obligations, trends and projections.

Hilderbran, the House Ways and Means chairman and a State Representative from Kerrville, hopes to expand the transparency initiative by including spending and debt information in reports that businesses already receive from the Comptroller’s office.

Hilderbran also intends to utilize Performance Reviews, from within the Comptroller’s office, and will make those reports public and track whether those cost saving recommendations are implemented over time.

“Making Texas more transparent than it already is will help us be more fiscally conservative,” said Hilderbran.

More information about Harvey’s Performance Pledge to the voters, including his pledge to continue and expand transparency, and his comprehensive Texas Taxpayers Bill of Rights may be found online at: http://www.HarveyForTexas.com.