Big Plans

August 26, 2013

Script for “Big Plans” (Web: 2:09)

HILDERBRAN: “Like you, I’m tired of big government liberals.

“All they want to do is hassle Texans and get in our business.

“I’m running for Comptroller because I’ve got a ten-point plan to use this office to protect Texas taxpayers – fight back against big government liberals, in Washington and Austin.

“I’ll fight the IRS.

“Liberals are using the IRS as a weapon against good folks, just because they’re conservative.

“Washington bureaucrats picked on decent, hardworking Texans, leaked private information – I’ll work to stop this abuse.

“The Texas Comptroller and the IRS have a relationship – I’ll make sure it’s a two-way street.

“If the IRS is hassling Texans, I want to know why.”

ANNCR: “A true son of Texas and native of Uvalde, Harvey Hilderbran has been blessed to call West Texas and the Hill Country home.

“And it’s those conservative Texas values, hard work, family, faith in God, and freedom to pursue one’s dreams that have carried Harvey all his life.

“Harvey Hilderbran led the effort to cut over a billion dollars in taxes in the last legislative session.

“Now, he has a ten-point plan, it’s his ‘Performance Pledge’ – and it lays out, in clear language, what he’ll do for us in the Comptroller’s office.”

HILDERBRAN: “It seems the bigger and better Texas gets, the more big government liberals want to get in our business.

“Well I say, that’s got to stop.

“Read my pledge and rest assured, I’ve got your back.”

ANNCR: “Harvey Hilderbran, conservative Republican, for Texas Comptroller.”